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I'm looking to develop a semester course for high school students that centers on Non-Fiction.

So far I've decided to utilize the NY times Learning Network, the graphic text Palestine, and some excerpts from Nickel and Dimed.

Any other engaging texts/films you think would work for high schoolers, graphic or otherwise. I work with learning disabled and emotionally disabled teens.


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if you want to use them, Teaching Graphic Novels has some handouts that might be helpful. :) katie
These aren't GNs, but may work: Erik Schlosser's Fast Food Nation might make for some good reading, and you could use selected chapters if you want.
Those Best American Non-Required Reading volumes also have a range of interesting articles that may grab students' attention.

In terms of graphic novels, Rick Geary has a bunch of neat volumes about Victorian murder and historical figures (I don't know if these would fly well with your kids, so previewing might be good).
Jim Ottaviani has a range of interesting books about different scientific figures, including how people have faked magic acts (Levitation), created nuclear bombs (Fallout), or went to the moon (T-Minus).
Larry Gonick has a range of Cartoon History books that are pretty good, fun reads.

I hope some of these suggestions help!
There's been a few previous posts on current events, one by a journalist. I can't remember what it is right now. There's also the bio comics about female leaders called Female Force. They highlighted Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, Lady Gaga, and JK Rowling. There's also some non-fiction Irish comics out right now that are available in Gaelic and English (which I'm a fan of!) recounting the conflicts. But that's probably hard to get a hold of anyway, considering that's overseas.



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