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Hi Ryan,

We just released the new episode of our podcast: it's about Ada Lovelace, the mathematician who wrote the first computer program in history, and the ball that changed her life (no glass slippers involved!)

Podcast Ada Lovelace
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About the episode

Once there was a girl named Ada who loved machines. One night, she went to a ball. But instead of meeting a prince, she met a grumpy mathematician who was working on an engine that could automatically add and subtract numbers. They became friends and started working together. "What if this machine could also play music?", Ada thought...
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About the host

Jodi Kantor is a New York Times correspondent, an author, and an investigative reporter. She wrote a best-selling book titled "The Obamas" and she broke a number of crucial stories such as the report about Amazon's way of managing white collar employees and the Harvey Weinstein story of sexual harassment and abuse. 

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