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Detroit is responsible for Motown, techno, the late great beat master J-Dilla, Eminem, and now, perhaps for the teacher set ... Mr. Duey

Ordinarily, this resource would be the domain of the popular music group but since the tunes are so fun- and designed for so many disciplines as a rap Schoolhouse Rock - I'm positing the resource in multiple groups.

I did buy Mr. Duey's first CD, “Class Dis-Missed” and many of the teachers I worked with loved teaching with his stuff. His work seems aimed all the core curricula in grades 5-11.

Here's a sample song "Fractions" - dig it.

I'm sure many of you will enjoy teaching with these tunes. The cool thing is that his first album was released with lyrics and as an instrumental album so kids can rap over the beats in class.

The tracklisting on “Class Dis-Missed” gives you a sense of the scope of Mr. Duey's work:

Math Songs
Point Plotting
Greatest Common Factor / L.C.M.

Language Arts Songs

Science Songs
State of Matter
3 Rocks

Social Studies
Latitude / Longitude
Democratic Values
Branches of Govt.
Things Changed

Mr. Duey also rocks a Ning - check that out here:

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This is perfect for what im doing right now. At my co-op school for my Methods, they are going over improper fractions and are pretty much hating it. Im going to pass the link along to the teacher and see what he thinks. I'll let you know how the students like it if he uses it.
Yeah, make sure you find a way to scaffold the video. Print the lyrics from Mr. Duey's site, do some vocabulary activities with it (make a simple graphic organizer (Word, Def, Picture)) and try and think of differentiated ways students can interact with it.

Glad you dug this!




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