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I posted this in the Math Group today - if you have any Math teacher friends please do "invite" them to join the Ning and the Math Group - we need more MC POPminded math and science brains in our community.

BTW if you haven't read American Born Chinese - pick it up asap - it is an incredibly rich YA graphic novel.


One of the coolest things about MC POP is learning about awesome teaching resources from other MC POPPERs. I made a post today in the Graphic Novels & Science Groups with one of my old blogs and an article from Wired, "How Comics Can Save Us From Scientific Ignorance." In response Caitlin Plovnick from MD hipped me to these incredible webcomic lessons about factoring by Gene Yang. Yang's brilliant graphic novel American Born Chinese is taught in middle schools and high schools across the country.*

On the real, Yang is a Renaissance man as he writes graphic novels and teaches math!

Vist the site ASAP your world will be rocked (MJ style see this number #1)

*Bonus points - I ordered the class sets at our school in '05


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This site is awesome. I love the extra help option as you go through the comic strip.



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