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Has anyone been to the Allied Media Conference?  I am working on a proposal for a session for the organization I am interning with and am wondering what the most popular types of sessions are, what types of sessions were lacking, etc.

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Oh, you probably want to cross post this question in the Media Ed group as a lot of those folks know a lot about this organization!
I attended the AMC last year. It's a very grassroots conference. Lots of organizations represented. Overall - a good energy, lots of progressive thinking and projects. Some of the sessions I attended which were designed as forums seemed to lack content and I felt that it was a preaching to the choir sort of situation. I found some of the more technical workshops were stronger. For those people who were with organizations, I think it was an excellent networking opportunity. I also value the way the AMC interfaces with the city of Detroit and the enormous challenges it faces. There were some excellent 'tours' around the city - one to abandoned auto plants led by activists who have lived in Detroit most of their lives.



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