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I wanted to share some fantastic links for those of you interested in using tech to teach Reading and Language Arts, although many of the sites I've listed can also serve well in Math, Social Studies, Science, and even ESL classrooms.

I've compiled the resources on a PBWorks site called Digital Dialogue. Feel free to check out what's there, and please point me in the direction of sites I might have missed.I have to admit, I've discarded four times as many sites as I've included; I really wanted to recommend just those I've had success with and that I feel other teachers can easily incorporate into their instruction.

Bear in mind it's a work in progress, and it may undergo many ugly incarnations before my January presentation in Atlantic City.

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Oh wow, LOVE how you've categorized resources! And your Teaching Reading and LA site also rocks in a major way. 
Thanks for sharing, Keith! 

Unbelievably useful list of links, so clearly organized and presented. Thank you so much, Keith. 

Syd and John, thanks for the nice feedback on the site. While I am presenting this in person, I know that if principals and department chairs take these resources back to their people, the sites will have to stand pretty much on its own. I'm trying not to offer too much, while at the same time encouraging teachers to seize upon one or two sites as a starting point.

Keith - looks like a great resource - do keep folks updated as it evolves! Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

This is pretty amazing, Keith! I would like to follow your example and create something like this for my unit w/ 6th graders where the kids use Web 2.0 tools to share content from a variety of subjects. It would be awesome to have a matrix like this for what each of the tools does and doesn't do. Plus it would make it easier to share w/ others! Thanks.

Kelly, I do have a separate PBWorks wiki for my sixth graders to directly access. You can find it at In addition to some resources you've already seen at Digital Dialogue, there are a ton more there. Hopefully some can be of use to you.

Thanks for the kind words.

Keith, Your organization of what teachers and students need is awesome!  Thank you so much for actually doing what so many of us would like to do for the benefit of children!

Thanks for the kind words! Since my original posting here, I've continued to add other great sites.



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