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FREE WEBINARS: U of Michigan Master's Students Review & Preview New Online Ed Apps

Most of you might remember the post I did about Dr. Jeff Stanzler (CHINA, POETRY ETC. = ONLINE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUR STUDENTS) a professor at the University of Michigan that specializes in New Media and Learning. As the term is ending, his masters students are doing a series of Webinars on a whole bunch of cool web apps for education listed below in bold.

If you're interested in tuning into any of these webinars that start today - do send Jeff a note via his e-mail - or the Ning and he will send you an evite to join the webinar. Hopefully, they will archive these webinars and we can make hyperlinks to the presentations at a later date - in the meantime go forth and gdiscussionet your learning on...

December 9th

Katie Riddle & Alison Hischke
2:00pm - Students often have trouble breaking down complex works into basic themes and plots. One way to aid this is to have students create a short summary or visual representation of a key scene or moment in the text. This online interactive tool is an interesting and engaging way to have students to create their own short comic strips to help with their understanding of the text. Join us to see how this tool works and can be integrated into your classroom!

Lauren Paul & Lorraine Siebold
Quizlet Both in Biology and Math, vocabulary is necessary for communication about the content. We will be demonstrating how to use Quizlet in order to provide an opportunity for students to participate in a collaborative process of creating and defining words and learning from each other.

Drew Zemper, Mike Jahnke & Tiffany Liu
4:15 p.m. - an online collaborative white board that includes various drawing applications, and chat room applications. Join us for an inquiry lesson that can be both visually and aurally engaging!

Ryan Allen & Lauren Williams
Thinking Blocks
Students always seem to struggle with understanding ratios and solving word problems involving ratios. Please join us as we demonstrate Thinking Blocks, an online tool designed to help students sharpen their understanding of ratios and ratio problems and to give them strategies for solving such problems.

December 10th

Meghan Milford & Michael Bindon
4:00pm Text-to-Movie, lets students type in text and create a movie script. This lesson plan from Biology will have students create a movie that sells their cell organelle based on function and importance within the cell. Fun with biology

Lindsay Davis, Megan Getz & Vanessa Jakse
4:30 pm
We are going to explore the use of social networking sites, such as facebook, as a tool in English and History lessons. Students can use these sites to create fictional characters from novels or non-fictional characters from history, and interact with other "characters" from class.

December 11th

Chris Irvine & Zina Scimemi-O’Sullivan
11 am
Newspapers have always been used by historians to construct meanings of the past. Newspapers contain so much information and insight into the lives, thoughts and actions of people in the past. Join us as we explore the way that students can create newspapers that contain information from the past. This webinar will show how, through the creation of a newspaper, students will engage in a direct conversation with history.

Bob Ause
1 pm
Museum Box I am going to show how a chemistry class can use Museum Box to study a group (column) of elements on the periodic table. Each student in the class will select an element and students whose elements are in the same group will build a Museum Box together. The six sides of each box will contain important information on the element in that box.

Stella Gorlin, Jenny Armstrong and Jen Aniano
2 pm
Museum Box
Sick of traditional assessments? Want to help students learn to work with source materials and to develop historical arguments? Museum Box provides a creative forum in which students and teachers can use a variety of multimedia artifacts to build an argument or describe an historical period, person or event. Join us as we walk you through an interactive lesson plan using Museum Box.

Kerri Thelen & Amy Wester
Algebra tiles are blocks that math teachers use to help students understand operations on polynomials. However, they are expensive for teachers to purchase and often those who do have Algebra tiles do not have enough for each student to explore. A free online version of Algebra Tiles is provided by Mathsnet at which allows students with online access to work with algebra tiles. Please join us as we explore Mathsnet's Algebra Tiles and discuss ways to incorporate the tool into an algebra lesson.

Sara Staten & Lara Hamza
Storybird is a service that uses collaborative storytelling to help students create their own stories in a round robin manner, inspired by the visual works of contributing artists. It's a simple publishing platform that allows writers and artists (and our students!) to experiment, connect with art, and publish their stories.

Susan Rinaldi and Tracy Lent
4 p.m. timelining tool.

December 12th

Todd Rakes & Kristina Morton
Noon is a tool that graphically represents the most common words used in a piece of writing. Students can use it to analyze text hat they are reading, pieces that they have written, or manipulate it to create a project. It can be used in any subject area.

Rachel Nisch & Caitlin Cullen
1:00 pm
Persuade Star In both our English and History classrooms, we are already realizing the less-than-positive response students have to the prospect of writing any type of paper, especially a persuasive essay. Hopefully Persuade Star will present the process of constructing an argument, designing a thesis, and providing support in an accessible, and who knows maybe even fun, way!

December 15th

Melanie Aho and Kendra Munro
4:00 pm
EtherPad. Collaborating on a paper or project can be a pain in the you-know-what, with the contributors constantly updating and emailing the most current version. This makes it difficult to track changes and practically impossible to keep track of what's what. EtherPad is the only web-based word processor that allows multiple users to create, update, and edit in "really real-time." Track changes with a unique color for each user, and watch it appear on everyone's screen immediately, no refreshing required. Join us as we explore the wealth of doors this application will open in the classroom, from note-taking to group projects and beyond!

December 16th

Ryan McCarl & J.P. Horne
11 am

Sam Lamonica & Stefan Amrine
12 pm - Collaborative writing can pose problems for even the most advanced students. Since students have different writing abilities and styles, it is a major task to unify their writing into a single representative document. Students edit one another’s sentences, eliminate incorrect ideas and rearrange whole sections before an essay is submitted. Writeboard allows the teacher to view this process. Writeboard is a completely free tool that helps students share their writing, edit each others work, and track their changes.

Kya Brown & John Heuser
1 pm
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM) has many cool math tools for math students in every grade. We will explore Transformations-Reflections (a geometry tool) and Right Triangle Solver (a trigonometry tool). These tools are an exciting way to teach basic trigonometry and introduce isometries. We hope that you will join us!

Sarah Prince, Carol Azizian & Bets Davies
2 p.m.
Novlet, a web application designed to support collaborative writing of non-linear stories in any language. Users can read stories written by other users, create their own ones, and choose the plot one likes most from several alternatives.

David Picking & Kim Garber
4 pm
GeoGebra is free and multi-platform (i.e. Mac or PC) dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins arithmetic, geometry, algebra and calculus. It offers multiple representations of objects in its graphics, algebra, and spreadsheet views that are all dynamically linked.

Sade Benjamin & Erin Harrison
7 pm Type a text note. Clip a web page. Snap a photo. Grab a screenshot. Evernote will keep it all safe. Worried about loosing your notebook? Tired of writing your ideas on little pieces of paper? Evernote allows you to compile, organize, and keep your your essential notes, photos, websites, or to-do lists all in one space at the click of a button!

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These sites are excellent! Thanks for sharing the links and the info on the webinars.
Jennifer, thank you for writing. They look exciting don't they - I'm going to try and catch a webinar next week!!

Thanks, Ryan, for sharing this information. I am really interested in several of the programs and haven't had a chance to explore them yet. Now I have incentive.
Jasmine, thank you for writing. I feel like you learn about a new cool app. every day - there is so much cool stuff out there! Do drop Jeff a line as he/they would love to have you on dimdim (not to be confused with dumdum).

Thanks to Ryan for helping us to spread the word. We'd love to hear from any of you who would like to check out a new web 2.0 tool and (if you haven't yet had the experience) to check out a nice *free* webinar tool (the lyrically named "dimdim") Drop me a line if you're interested. Jeff Stanzler



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