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Interesting graphic for students and teachers to discuss. I caught wind of this via a tweet from @GaryH2UK (his min-blog on it can be found here).  I think it would be great to chat about as so many web tools can fall under different levels depending on how they are used.

NOTE: no source cited for image.

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This is great!! I'll share it with my co-workers since we work with Bloom's Taxonomy. Thanxs :)


Hi Carol! Really glad you found it useful! Have an excellent holiday!

YIKES!  This is a visual that could help a lot of teachers who remain unsure of the way to integrate 2.0 tools into their curricula.  In fact, students themselves could be trained to move through these levels using the different tools--I am thinking maybe a tiered assignment based on a text.  Very cool!

Glad you liked it - I wonder if they have done an updated version as the tech changes so quickly!



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