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from PBS' MindShift blog: "In the most ideal class settings, mobile devices disappear into the background, like markers and whiteboards, pencil and paper – not because they’re not being used, but because they’re simply tools, a means to an end." Coincidentally, ISTE has published a new book on this same topic.

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So...what are YOU doing in the classroom to provide meaningful uses for students who can BYOD?  

What responsibilities do you teach with regard to appropriate use and in what ways do your students demonstrate meaningful use that can be tracked and measured to standards as a way to show value as a learning tool?

What is happening, "In the most ideal class settings"?

Utilizing cell phones, web cams, and other technology seems to be a sure-fire way to get engagement from students, but what are some measures teachers can take in a classroom, or that can be suggested to administration to minimize inappropriate behavior and encourage "digital citizenship"?  

I just want to know some specific ways when teaching with phones and other technology that a teacher can protect him/herself as well as their students, while also keeping them on-task and engaged.

One suggestion, for example, that I heard was to have them keep their phones face down until their used in order to make sure they're used only for classwork and not distracting the students.

Also, another concern is for liability and damage.  If a student is using a phone in class, is it possible that if it's stolen or broken in the process, that could come back on the teacher?  If so, how can a teacher try to make sure that doesn't happen.

Any suggestions for articles and books that might help answer this question are welcome and appreciated!

Look at that new book from ISTE that I linked to in my original post.  I would also ask: does your district have a policy? Were teachers involved in the writing of the policy? If not, now would be a good time to get involved. Don't let lawyers and other non-educators write policy when they're clueless about how effective new media and technology can be at engaging students. Here is another article on how teachers ARE incorporating them into instruction.

Thank you, Frank.  I'll definitely take a look at Cell Phones in the Classroom and check about the policy!  Thanks for the link to the article too!



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