Making Curriculum Pop

From Edutopia, talks a bit about NING!

A digital-literacy program encourages kids to remake social networking in the image of learning.

In the common conception, kids plus social networking equals an online popularity contest conducted in grammar-free instant-messaging lingo -- not exactly an educator's dream world. But the Chicago-based Digital Youth Network, a digital-literacy program funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, has tapped into the networking phenomenon to encourage creativity and learning.
The Digital Youth Network runs a private Web site called Remix World, which is modeled on popular online social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. The students and mentors who use it have Web pages that contain pictures, profile information, and links to their friends' pages. They can post digital artwork -- such as videos -- on their pages, comment on friends' pages, and participate in discussions with other users through the Remix World forums.

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