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This fall, give your students the tools to think analytically and form their own arguments by using KQED Learn. KQED Learn is a safe, online learning space for students to investigate real-world issues and develop critical thinking skills. It allows students (grades 6-12) to investigate research topics with their peers from across the country by sharing and commenting on resources.

Your students will learn how to:
  • form a research question
  • conduct an investigation
  • find trusted, reliable resources
  • internalize a variety of perspectives and information
  • form their own arguments using evidence
“The student ownership of the investigation and what they create as a result is very valuable. In a class where I wanted to do a full research unit, having it all in that one space was incredibly useful. I see a lot of potential for many different academic classes.”
- 8th grade English Teacher, Petaluma, CA

Want to get started?

Walk your students through the investigative process with our ‘Go Above the Noise’ resource packages on KQED Learn. Each resource package includes avideo, article and research question for your students to explore, discuss and respond to. Every other week, we’ll bring you a new topic and research question to analyze and discuss with your students.

Here are some resources to help get you started:
“I was able to take an existing project and integrate the KQED Learn research component into it. It allowed my students to gather a rich, diverse mix of resources. I got the best projects I’ve ever gotten.” High School Science (Biology) Teacher, Pleasanton, CA

Join KQED Learn this fall and give your students a safe space to investigate issues that matter to them, analyze information, form ideas and position their arguments.

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