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Hi!! We use at my school to keep track of all our grade-level and subject-area bookmarks from year to year. Here's our page so you can see it. It's VERY basic, and I think they may be having some server issues based on the speed of loading we've experienced this year. I wonder how some of you keep your bookmarks and am especially interested in a visual way to display them to students/teachers. I'd like it to have the organization abilities and price (free!) of ikeepbookmarks ideally. (I've looked at Live Binders and am not really sold on that as a valid alternative... Too confusing for younger kids...)


I'd love your input!

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I use Diigo for bookmarking. It allows you to annotate and highlight and you can bookmark directly to groups and lists. Diigo also offers student accounts.


Lucy Gray

Have you tried Symbaloo?  It's nifty and visual.

 I liked it also because you can group or categorize by color and add visuals

I've started using ScoopIt for my personal attempt to curate some of the zillions of subjects i'm interested in. I like that it generates a tweet to share what I scoop, that it gives a visual and word description of the resource, and to a lesser extent, that it offers me suggestions for my topics. My profile is here. But it may not be as suitable to share with students. 


Julie Niles Petersen did a fantastic comparison of social bookmarking sites at

We use Diigo at work - It lets you store your own, and share with groups.

These are great suggestions!! I can't wait to dig in and try these out and learn more about them. Two I know (a little bit), but one is totally new to me! Thanks to each of you.

As Lucy and Levin have said, Diigo is great for what you want to do. You can have a teacher account and create a student group that allows all members of the group to share bookmarks.


We use PBWorks Wiki, sorted by grade level then subject. It is a great way to organize and keep up with projects!


We are an elementary school but you can see how it works.

Good luck!


This doesn't sound like it exactly fits what you are trying to do, share, that is, but I have to mention it anyway.  I use XMarks, a Mozilla add-on, to keep track of my bookmarks.  I can sync my school desktop, laptop, and home desktop to all have the same bookmarks.  It also syncs up history.  We've all had that moment where we think, I was looking at the coolest thing at school yesterday, what was it?  With XMarks, the history can be accessed anywhere.  Very cool.

I just heard Evernote is opening up to the ed market. Does anyone use it in K-12? What has been your experience?



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