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I just wrote on a piece on tech tools.  That that occasioned me to scope many lists of Ed Tech Tools.  These came up as cool collections/ tools...

Timelines (using IT)

TEACH WEB 2.0 Wiki

What lists would you add to this collection?

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I like Jane Hart's Top 100 Tools for Learning (2009 - 2010 is coming soon), Alan Levine's Fifty Story Tools and I really like the interface on Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Schools.
Tom Barrett and his awesome "Interesting Ways to Use..." series would be an excellent addition, whether to steer someone toward all of his lists or just to look at what he lists and pick those out as top ed tech tools. I took the time this summer to go through the lists for the tools that I already use or that interest me, and boy, was I impressed. I have a million and one new ideas to incorporate now!!
Here's another list I found today, Kelly. Might contain a new one for you. I didn't know about Cacoo.



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