Making Curriculum Pop

Any ideas? 

I found a great resource at Project looksharp but the reading that is required is more on point for my 8th graders. 

I want to incorporate projects as well as real world (things that students can connect to i.e pop culture) integration any ideas would be more than helpful.


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Frank W Baker's Media Literacy Clearinghouse is a treasure trove of great stuff. 

Thank you so much!

Hi Claribel - you might also cross-post this question in the Media Literacy discussion forum - it might get A LOT more mojo there! Thanks for joining the fun!

This summer I'll be checking out Common Sense Media's free materials - they have 6/7/8 lesson plans on Digital Literacy and Citizenship. All free, either .pdf files or etexts.

Claribel, Canada's media site has a lot of informative lessons and ideas:

PBS had things in the past too - not sure if they still have them online, but it may be worth a look:



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