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What follows nicely links to a past post: "CARTOON: Google Magazine"

These two clips seem ripe for a media literacy lesson, eh?

With new search engines taking on Google (think Bing), they've started advertising using "search stories"

a sample....

A parody from Will Ferrell's Funny or Die website...

How might one teach with these?

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I think that there is great potential here to engage students in a critical discussion of making inferences. How do we know that the boss had a heart attack? What leads us to believe that the body was disposed of? (I guess I chose the gruesome one because that is what would appeal to my high school students!) This could be a great segue to making inferences in a short story that students are reading...I'm thinking of Las medias rojas by Emilia Pardo Bazan which is on the AP Spanish Literature reading list. Students could then create their own search stories about the text, making their own inferences as to the outcome of the protagonist of the story.

Thanks as always for adding your great ideas - I love this idea! Small request - could you cross-post/copy and paste your comment into the Media Literacy version of this post - a lot of folks commented there and it would be nice to add your ideas to that batch + I can highlight that one in the week in review!

Thanks as always - I have to admint I did lol a bit when I read about the appeal of the "gruesome" nature of the story!




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