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Ask a Ninja responds to the question: Do ninjas write poetry or are they just murderous shadows of death, put on earth only to act against mankind?

Video covers limericks, beatniks, onomatopoeia, "Jabberwocky", as well as other poetry puns and allusions.

Students can also see their poetry get "published" by writing ninja poetry and posting it to the comments section of the episode:

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A Ninja "poetry slice" and "Shel Sliversword" - cute - very teachable. I would also ask kids how the idea of a knowledgeable Ninja is an extended metaphor for the entire episode.

Interesting how cell phones are sponsoring short content.

Thanks for sharing - if you find any more stuff like this keep posting them on the Ning!

This was so funny! I don't know how I'll be working this into my unit of "Romeo and Juliet" for 9th graders or "the Restoration period" for my 12th graders, but I'll figure it out; i know they'll love this video and actually making Ninja poetry. I have a class of 15 boys and 3 girls-- I'm assuming this class will love it most. :)



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