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You have all been assigned a role.  In your first response make sure
you state you role in the group along with your comment.  Have fun and
happy learning, Bailey, Whitney, and Elizabeth

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:-) Your book is If Everybody Did By Jo Ann Stover. Feel free to be creative and to go more in depth then the standard reader of this book would.
My role was the literary luminary. Therefore I choose a selection that I believe our group needs to re-read and discuss. The only "this is what would happen if everybody did" that I did not understand was "mash the hash". I was unaware that the phrase meant to play with food. I would have liked to gone back and discussed what "mashing the hash" meant. The teacher could also discuss to her kindergartners (I assume that is the grade level of this book) that playing with food is NOT good.
As Investigator, I am supposed to research background information related to the text. This book reminded me of recycling for some reason. Researching this, I found that if everyone recycled there would be much less water and land pollution and less waste sewage wise. Also, you know plastic grocery bags that everyone throws away? They are mostly made with oil and 30 billion are used in the US alone. This is A LOT of oil that could be saved. Only one percent of these are recycled. Ergo, if everyone pitches in on a cause, or doesn't, it can have very adverse effects.
My role is the Connector. One connection that I found is between the overall message of the story "If everybody did nice things, What would happen is everyone would be happy" and the golden rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" because if everyone did this then it would be a much better world. I also found a connection between this message and the Nickel back song "If everyone cared". There was also one page in the book about leaving a trail, which reminded me of the trail of bread crumbs left in the story "Hansel and Gretel".
My role is the Summarizer:
In this book, the story follows along giving examples of one person doing something and then showing an example of the same thing with "everyone" doing this. The examples were humorous and relevant to the age level that the book would be appropriate. The examples were of were common actions and arguments that children might want to do or say so this could be used by a parent or teacher to explain cause and effect. The book ended on a positive note.
Discussion Director!
1. Before Reading- By looking at the cover and title, what do you think the book is going to be about?
2. During Reading- Can you think of any, "what would happen if everyone did" that would add to the book?
3. After Reading- what did you enjoy about this book?



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