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You have all been assigned a role.  In your first response make sure
you state you role in the group along with your comment.  Have fun and
happy learning, Bailey, Whitney, and Elizabeth

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:-) Your book is If Everybody Did By Jo Ann Stover. Feel free to be creative and to go more in depth then the standard reader of this book would.
My role is the Vocabulary Enricher. One word that I thought may need to be reviewed is smudge.
Smudge: a dirty mark or smear.
My role is the connector. I can connect to leaving toys on the stairs because I have fallen because of this before. I can also connect to staying up all night because I have had to spend many nights in the library in college.

The book "If Everybody Did" is about several examples of what would happen if everybody did the same thing. The first few pages refer to funny and unrealistic situations that may cause something bad to happen if everyone did the same thing. However, The last page refers to good things, which in the long run, if everyone did the same thing....the world would be a better place.
Investigator: The author may be giving wise advice to a world that was becoming more self-centered and demoralized. Perhaps the author is warning us to do what is right for the world as a whole, instead of what is best for just you.



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