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QUESTION: Where are great online resources for slightly rusty Biology Teachers?

HELP! I am about to re-enter the classroom after being in a professional development role for the last 8 years, as a 10th grade Living Environment (aka Biology) teacher.  I will have some general curriculum guides, but I want to look at some great examples of resources, scope and sequence documents, etc.. to build my toolbox back up.....(Make no mistake, I am THRILLED to be back with kids...but feeling a little nervous...)

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Hi Karen

Just in a quick read of your question, one of my favorite biology sites with fun and educational activities for kids is  Hope this is one you find some good things to use.



Have you checked out RadioLab - you can search by topic there.
Thanks for your quick replies!  I will certainly check out both biologycorner and RadioLab! Thanks! ;)
I'm planning on redoing my Biology classes over the summer for next year.  I just ordered the 4MAT 4 Biology books.  Each of the nine units spin around the 4MAT learning cycle (connect, attend, image, inform <-> practice, extend, refine, perform).  I feel the teacher guide is over-priced, with the way it's printed, but they do have some good ideas in them.  The curriculum is centered around general concepts (balance, continuity, change, etc) and gets the kids to understand what those mean... and then the content.  It's worth checking into. 
Thanks Kerry - I am familar with the 4MAT structure - I wonder if we even have a copy around here...:)  Thanks again! -

Hey I would love to know more about this program I checked out the website, but would love to hear more about it if anyone is using it in their classrooms.

If you need quick refreshers, even for your students, I always like to watch CrashCource Biology. See the link:


They do a wonderful job of bringing you back to your undergraduate courses in a  way that captivates your attention.


They also have videos for History, Chemistry and many more.


Hope this helps!



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