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My name is Kohl Meyer and I am starting a unit on the Civil Rights movement in my sophomore level high school History class. I am looking to use some different types of media as a way to better teach this unit. I want my students to be able to relate and better understand the Civil Rights movement focusing on the 1960's. I want to stress certain key figures during that time such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Robert Kennedy.

Some of the things that I want students to learn through this unit is the advancements that were made by the African American community throughout the country. I also want to focus on the origins of the movement in the South and identify major contributors to the movement. If anyone could help me focus my unit and contribute some different forms of media that I could use I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

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Kohl, to start - check out the American History Inc. series (The Civil Rights Movement Comic)

In that same post you can link to info on the Little Rock Nine Comic mentioned here.

I made a post about Teaching Tolerance's teaching tools/films - including a few civil rights resources -

There is also a Malcolm X comic

And lastly check out the Mindblue Ben Harper PDF -

From an earlier broadcast e-mail:
2. Some questions about this resource came my way... Back in the day Mindblue partnered with Ben Harper & Virgin Records to create a curriculum for his tunes. Ben's music is extremely literate as he's a mix of Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix . The PDF is 20 pages. I think the most exciting lesson is about Rodney King and Martin Luther King for the complex track, "Like a King." The study guide can be downloaded (totally free) from here:



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