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Bill Chapman has created a twitter stream creating a "day by day" summary of the events at the US
Constitutional Convention of 1787.

This would be a great model for having kids create/write streams on any historical event.

It looks like his postings are done from James Madison's point of view based on "Notes on the Debates in the Federal Convention" housed in the Yale Law Library (thorugh The Avalon Project)

A sample stream..

Fri, Jun 15 - To give supporters of the new plan time to prepare copies for discussion, the Committee adjourned until the next day.
about 10 hours ago from HootSuite

Fri, Jun 15 - Mr. Patterson (NJ) presented the alternative plan to the Convention, and it was referred to the Committee of the Whole.
about 10 hours ago from HootSuite

Thu, Jun 14 - The Convention adjourned to allow delegates time for those two purposes.
5:00 AM Jun 14th from HootSuite

Thu, Jun 14 - He also said they hoped to have an alternative to the Randolph plan ready for consideration by tomorrow as well.
5:00 AM Jun 14th from HootSuite

Thu, Jun 14 - Mr. Patterson (NJ), speaking for several delegations, requested more time to contemplate the Committee's report.
5:00 AM Jun 14th from HootSuite

The Committee's report to the Convention can be read near the bottom of the web page
11:02 AM Jun 13th from web

Full Stream is here.

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