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October 20, 2018 WIR: #Thisis18, Cultivating Curiosity, Hoop Dreams, Hopeful News & more

Happy Saturday!

This week is review highlights two groups that apply to teachers in every discipline. First, a new group - Instructional Design, Assessment & Coaching. Second, an oldie but goodie our Identity: Gender, Race, Sexuality & Power group. In the former, I included one of my all time favorite blogs BIG IDEA: A Pernicious Myth - Basics Before Deeper Learning. So often we talk about skills as if they MUST be learned in a linear progression. That simply isn't true. Two quick examples - people can learn to play a song on an instrument before they can read or write music. Anyone can go to a foreign country and speak a language before having grammar lessons! Guess who made lots of albums before they could formally read music? #justsayin.

I also included resources from tiny groups that don't have a lot of members that might be of interest to others this week.

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NEW GROUP - In Instructional Design, Assessment & Coaching
INFOGRAPHIC: 3 Forms of Scaffolding
CHART: Hard Work vs. Easy Work
OP-THREAD: Alfie Kohn on Classroom types
BIG IDEA: A Pernicious Myth - Basics Before Deeper Learning
BLOG: Shifting the Focus from Testing to Assessment and Why That Matters
GRAPHIC: What is Missing from Standards
RESEARCH: Learning By Thinking - How Reflection Improves Performance
RESEARCH: When Kids Have Structure for Thinking, Better Learning Emerges
VIDEO: NEW 60-Second Strategy - Discussion mapping
ARTICLE: How to Cultivate Curiosity in Your Classroom & The 5 Dimensions of It
THREAD: Bloom's Taxonomy Misconceptions
ARTICLE: Are Grades Diverting Focus From Real Learning?
IDEAS: Making Lessons Memorable - Designing from Two Perspectives
IDEAS: 54 alternative assessments to gauge your students’ progress
ARTICLE: The Seven Habits of Highly Affective Teachers
IDEAS: 8 ways to reclaim a sense of joy in teaching
IMAGE: Joellen Killion on Types of Feedback for Instructional Coaches
NEW BOOK: Should robots replace teachers?

in Identity: Gender, Race, Sexuality & Power
ARTICLE: Chelsea soccer club has a new way to deal with racist fans
GRANTS: For projects that fight bigotry in schools & create welcoming classrooms.
ARTICLE: AP English Literature and the Pedagogy of Whiteness
INTERDISCIPLINARY IDEA: "The Danger of a Single Story" in ELA & Mathematics
ARTICLE: Helping Student Writers Learn to Code Switch.
NEW BOOK: Jamie Is Jamie challenges gender stereotypes in the toy box
NEW BOOK: Meet an Indian-American Kid Superhero in #SuperSatyaSavestheDay
NYT INTERACTIVE: #Thisis18 Young Women Around the World in Photos

In Speech
ARTICLE: Speaking Skills Top Employer Wish Lists. But Schools Don't Teach Them
TIPS: 3 Public Speaking Tips Inspired by Stand-Up Comedy

in Audio / Podcasts Rule
AUDIO: This American Life on School Shooting Drills

In Gaming
VIDEO: Can Video Games Become Addictive?

In Sports & Literacy
REVIEWS: Sports Book Roundup
OP-ED: Why It's Time to End Football in High School
ARTICLE: 'Hoop Dreams: where are the main figures now?'

In ICT & Computing
DATA VIZ: What Facebook, Amazon, and Google really look like

In The News: Teaching With and About it
ARTICLE: Why We Need Hopeful News

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