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Sept. 13, 2018 WIR: Well-Adjusted Metalheads, Stats +heart disease, ‘The Outsiders’ & other Curiosities

Happy Thursday Everyone!

We have a spectacular collection of resources to help you #mcpop this week. From new science podcasts to info on making a digital syllabus that your students can annotate to an excellent 9.11 lit collection of there is a little something for everyone.

Since the reboot, I've been embedding tweets in the discussion forums. I notice some folks still posting below that on a comment wall. If you are in a group PLEASE feel free to post up in the discussion forum. Everyone can share and be highlighted there - especally if you're doing cool work that you want our (almost) 10,000 MC POPPERS to hear about!

The WIR tweet for sharing (click in on the date to RT):

On to the resource drop ...

in Elementary Educators
CONTEST: Draw for Human Rights - UN Drawing Contest!
ARTICLE: Shifting from Rule Following 2 Habit Development
RESEARCH: Tear Down Your Behavior Chart!

In Support for dissertations
PODCAST: Becoming a Better Researcher

in Math Educators!
ESSAY: Personal Stories of Discovering Mathematics
IMAGES: Dozens of M.C. Escher Prints Now Digitized
TOON/VID: On Stats, Lightning & Heart Disease

in Science Teachers
IDEAS: A Literacy-Based Strategy to Help Teachers Integrate Science Skills
AUDIO: From Poverty To Rocket Scientist To CEO, A Girl Scout's Inspiring Story
PODCAST: Science fiction as a way of understanding and re-imagining the world
ARTICLES / DOC: Tyrone Hayes said that a chemical was harmful, its maker pursued him

in New Media & Technology
HOW-TO: @hypothes_is and Digital Syllabus Annotation
ARTICLE: Is screen time toxic for teens? from UC Berkeley (and UCSD)

in Librarians aka Media Specialists
ESSAY IN PICTURES: Neil Gamian on Libraries
IDEA: What Can We Paint on Lockers to promote Literacy?
ARTICLE: How Bibliotherapy Can Help Students Open Up About Their Mental Health
OP-ED: To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library
COLLECTION: Texts and Resources About September 11th via @NCTE

in High School English Teachers Rock!
IDEA: Reading Bingo
IDEA: Self Pages: Making Students a Part of the Curriculum

in Music
CURRICULUM: Teaching OK-GO's Music Videos
RESEARCH: What Types of Sound Experiences Enable Children to Learn Best?
RESEARCH: New Study Suggests 80s Metalheads Became Well-Adjusted Adults

in Special Educators
ARTICLE: How Writing Down Specific Goals Can Empower Struggling Students
ARTICLE/VIDEO: The Missing Autistic Girls

In Adolescent Literature
ARTICLE: The Enduring Spell of ‘The Outsiders’
ARTICLE: School Shootings Find a Dark Niche in Young Adult Fiction

in World History
NYTLN: Develop Students’ Geography Skills With Our ‘Country of the Week’ Interactive Quiz
ESSENTIAL? IDEA: “What is Respect?" Ask the students first… THEN bring in the history
MAP: Japanese Designers May Have Created the Most Accurate Map of Our World
QUOTE: Hannah Arendt from 'The Origins of Totalitarianism'

Wishing everyone a weekend filled with rainbows and unicorns



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