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Sept. 28, 2018 WIR: Brainy Sidewalks, Comparing Toons, 'Accountable' Algorithms, Cool Oral Histories, + an ∞ of #edu Fun

Merry Friday People of #MCPOP!

We’re back with another fascinating collection of groovy resources to make your curriculum pop (#mcpop). Remember,  this is not everything shared at the site. You have to join groups of interest to you if you want to be showered with all the goodness. In the meantime, we have our usual week in review tweet:

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In light of this week’s completely insane political events (though it seems every week has been this way for some time), we’re going to lead with resources from our Identity: Gender, Race, Sexuality & Power group. If you check one thing week spend some time with TOONS & TEXTS: 'The Knife' from two points-of-view, a non-fiction text & LEO by April K. Tonin (@apriloeuvre1) and longtime #mcpopper Sandhya Nankani (@litsafari). It is one of the most teachable things I've seen for a wide range of learners in MONTHS! Onward …  

in Identity: Gender, Race, Sexuality & Power

IDEAS: A Better Way to Teach the Civil Rights Movement

ARTICLE: What Is White Privilege, Really?

TOONS & TEXTS: 'The Knife' from two points-of-view, a non-fiction text & LEO

in Elementary Educators

INFOGRAPHIC: ABCs of Learning Diversity

ARTICLE: Letting kids move in class isn’t a break from learning. It IS learning.

IDEAS: Preparing for #bullying prevention month

in Math Educators!

MATH BOOK COLLECTION: One Teacher's Shopping Cart!

COOL QUOTE: William Thurston - Field's medal winning mathematician

DATA: U.S. drug overdose epidemic

VIDEO: Tactile version of the Euclidean Algorithm

INFOGRAPHICS: Gerrymandering Gifs w/ 4-Panel Explainer!

ARTICLE: Why Mathematicians Can’t Find the Hay in a Haystack

TOON: "Don't divide by 0"

BOOK: Crest of the Peacock - Non-European Roots of Mathematics

OP-ED: Why are we not holding algorithms 'accountable'?

in Science Teachers

HUMOR: Scientific Logic

in New Media & Technology

OER IDEA: Mixtape your curriculum - Using Open Educational Resources

ARTICLE: Personal Data Literacies

In PE, Health & Wellness

RESEARCH: Using placebo pills to deal with health problems

RESEARCH: Healthy Eating Nudges

DATA: U.S. drug overdose epidemic

in Teach with Moving Images

NYTLN: Teaching Critical Thinking in English Class With Short Documentary Films

PDFs: Download 2018 Oscar Contenders + Over 175 More Film Scripts

DOC: New, Important Film 'Active Measures'

LIST: Werner Herzog Creates Required Reading & Movie Viewing Lists


in Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology

AUDIO: Oliver Sacks & Studs Terkel in the 1980s

IDEA: Neuron Sidewalks

HISTORY: The Couple Who Helped Decode Dyslexia

MAD SCIENCE: Why Your Teenager Does Such Crazy Things

in US History

SERIES: Voice of Witness: Bring the Power of Oral History to Your Classroom

IDEAS: A Better Way to Teach the Civil Rights Movement

LIST FUN: 21 Things You May Not Know About the U.S. Constitution

INFOGRAPHICS: Gerrymandering Gifs w/ 4-Panel Explainer!

in Sustainable/Green Education

GAME: UN Sustainable Development Goals

PROGRAM: Coastal Classroom in VA via @Nature_VA

INFOGRAPHIC: Stabilizing the Climate

BOOK / TED TALK: Engaging Imagination in Ecological Education - Practical Strategies for Teaching

in Poets & Writers

ARTICLE: Refugee Stories Are Just the Beginning - How Fiction Opens Children’s Minds

EXAMPLE: How to "expand the moment"

IDEA: Paint Swatches, Diction & Word Choice

IDEAS: A Step-by-Step Plan for Teaching Narrative Writing

COURSE: Margaret Atwood Offers a New Online Class on Creative Writing

in Post-Secondary Educators

PODCAST: Becoming a Better Researcher

NEW BOOK: Power of Play in Higher Education

LEGAL UPDATE: Student Borrowers And Advocates Win Court Case Against DeVos

Anyway, here's hoping your weekend is filled with good times & sunshine! 

Ryan R. Goble, Ed.D.


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