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For Teaches of International Film please read:

Hi Teachers of International Film,

I am very interested in having teachers across the United States use my book, World Affairs in Foreign Films, and the multi-disciplinary pedagogy it describes.

If anyone is interested, please email me at


World Affairs in Foreign Films is a new type of book that uses Foreign Films to give

information about today’s geo-political hotspots.

McFarland Publisher’s brochure contains the following summary:


There is nothing so visual, so engaging, so true to life as film to transport students to unfamiliar worlds. This inventive textbook introduces foreign cultures and global concepts through 13 award-winning films from various continents and geopolitical areas. Films discussed include Osama (Afghanistan); Persepolis (Iran/France); Water (India); Beijing Bicycle (China); Tokyo Sonata (Japan); Tsotsi (South Africa); Hotel Rwanda (Rwanda); War Dance (Uganda); Central Station (Brazil); March of the Penguins (Antarctica/France); Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (Germany); The Counterfeiters (Austria); and Pearl (U.S.A., Chickasaw Nation).


 Each film catapults a multi-disciplinary curriculum that acts as a launching pad for discussions in world history, geography, economics, government, world literature, media, critical thinking/creative writing, and art. By encouraging critical thinking and group activities, this multi-disciplinary primer offers an innovative perspective on international affairs.


To learn more about my org’s program and events, please visit:

. Org’s website:

. World Affairs in Foreign


Below are links that will also give you more information.

. Vialogues from Columbia University’s Teachers College:


I remain sincerely yours,

Roberta Seret, Ph.D.,

President & Founder, N.G.O./ United Nations, International Cinema Education, Inc.  

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