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Incredible Credits

Guest Talk: Incredible Credits, with Matthis Kepser & Petra Anders

October 25th, 4:30-6PM, Teachers College, 104b Russell

What should be important or interesting about the title sequence of a movie? With its eye on education, opening credits tell us a lot about the aesthetic and economic conditions of a film, ultimately leading to a manipulation of perception.

Drawing on the work of D. Victor Fleming (Gone with the Wind), Maurice Binder (James Bond), Arthur Penn (Bonnie and Clyde), Alfred Hitchcock (Vertigo), and other film masterminds, Dr. Matthis Kepser, Professor of German Didactics in German Language and Literature, the University of Bremen, Germany will discuss Incredible Credits: What Students Can Learn about Movies from the M.... Dr. Kepser shows how with small pieces of film you can develop competencies for understanding intricate topics and issues in film and cinema art, including exploration of copyright, generic conventions, our expectations of production, and role of music -- all of which excite curiosity about great movies and great directors. He presents classroom activities for teachers to engage their students in incredible credits - their functions, aesthetics, and wider relevance to the film world.


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