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My first experience with LEOs was a success. Students were engaged, collaborated and cooperated while exploring the figurative language in the song “Firework” by Katy Perry.  Students work in core groups on daily basis, so using a variety of LEOs in my lesson went very well. Student knowledge was deepened during this time on several different concepts that support the learning goals. Some students expanded their understanding of tone and mood. Others worked on making connections and supporting their connection with reasoning. Summarizers found key points of the day’s work. Imagery Hunter’s explored imagery and metaphors.  

Challenges that arose during the lesson occurred during the critical thinking component of the LEOs. Students using the Imagery Hunter LEO were challenged  when they had to support their answer with symbolic and metaphorical meaning. Students working on mood and tone struggled with deciding on the supporting details that best supported their answers.  It was difficult not to guide and probe more during this time, but I wanted them to figure it out on their own to optimize their understanding.

The next day we reflected on the lesson and not only did I provide positive and negative feedback on the learning experience, so did the students. We came up with strategies to improve the learning experience the next time. Next time, I will replace the Summarizer with Intuitor because it has the component of reasoning as well. I felt that LEOs were an essential tool for students to explore the text. By utilizing this tool students learning experience was enriched, effective and meaningful.


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Comment by Pam Goble on March 3, 2017 at 10:44am


Thanks so much for sharing. 

Kids do like the Leo's and we get a lot of what they do and do not know from using them.


Comment by Ryan Goble on March 3, 2017 at 10:34am

Hey Kari! That is great to hear - thanks for sharing all this info. You can also move to some of the "weirder" LEOs over time - I really wonder what the framer would see / not see in Fireworks. The fun thing (we think, but we're very biased) is that the more you use them and play with them the better they get because they become part of a more open, student-centered and inquiry based classroom. Here's hoping they continue to be useful! 


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