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What would you text the President about Education?

Hello Curriculum-Poppers!

As a video producer at AfterEd TV, I've been torn between having to put out a video every 3 weeks (or so) and wanting to integrate my reflections and critical reflection on media, technology and computer-mediated communication. What role do ICT and mobile media play in the lives of our students? How do they see barriers and divides between their out-of-school media-rich life and the slightly sheltered, firewall-rich in-school life?

the "text the president" video was a new stab at trying to both entertain and prime a conversation--one which I hope will not be limited to our production office, or Teachers College. Please have a look and consider replying with a video comment, your own 'text' or--some representative media of your response!

--Doug Beacom
After Ed TV
MA candidate, International Education Development
Teachers College

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