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I've been studying pop culture of past millenia -- Back when comics formed the literary foundation of European civilization!

I've posted some resources here:

Materials from classes appear under "HISTORY" on my site:

A lot of the materials have interesting parallels and connections to modern visual media culture... For example, we likened the sidebar narratives embedded in the ornamental borders of tapestries (as in above image) to a news ticker under the screen of a news broadcast.  Many texts also raise intriguing questions like "Who produced this text?", "Why did they produce it?", and "What point of view does it promote?" 

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Marek this is soooo cool - can you also cross post in the World History group? Thanks! Ry:)
Marek, I checked your pages out but fast, so forgive me if I missed this, but did you know there's a Bayeux digital story creator? It's called the Historic Tale Construction Kit, and I think it's a really cool way to create a Bayeux comic! I explain a little about it on my blog, plus have a video you might like.
Terrific, Susan! I'll look into that.



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