Making Curriculum Pop Posts Printable for Women's History Month has published a special free printable for Women's History Month at

It asks: Imagine that you could talk with any woman in history whom you admire. Who would that be and what would you say to her.

You are welcome to print it out and also pin it on your Pinterest page. Hope you will share with your students. 

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Hey Bill - you should copy and paste this into the American History, World HIstory and Gender and Other tricky stuff groups - that way more folks will get notifications about the printables.  This is ALWAYS great for discussion forums! I hope you're doing well!  RRG:)

Thank you, Ryan.  Truly appreciate your suggestions.

More importantly, I hope you are feeling physically better and stronger.

Warmest good wishes,


Thanks Bill - yeah, thanks for thinking of me. This healing thing is a pretty slow - but getting there - thanks for asking. I know you e-mailed stuff to those groups but you can also post them in the group discussion forums to they have a permanent url and I can share them in the Week in Review. Whatever you want is good with me!  I hope you and your family are doing well! Ryan



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