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I found the assessement tool, using math in reflections, very unique. It is making me think "outside the box" in terms of how I could apply this in all my classes. I never thought of dividing words to equal a concept - perhaps, this could be used for defining vocabulary words, or representing food preparation terms in my Foods classes.

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Hi Jill - tha

nks - did you mean to post this in the discussion space belowthe actual tools? There is a comment section below all those reources. Yes, it would be an excellent tool for vocab! Very cool idea!

These discussion forums (outside of the special interest groups) don't really get read by folks because people don't get e-mail updates about the resources.

BTW did you see this lesson plan from the NYTimes -

in P.E., Health & Wellness Education
LESSON PLAN: Cook, Eat . . . Love? Learning to Prepare Nutritious M...



What a great intro to any foods and nutrition course! It's a "keeper" lesson! I find that many students want to learn how to cook healthy meals, but they often lack the resources: time, skills, money.



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