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Picked this up from a Tweet from Myra Oleynik. While I would still like a record player, I'm down with digital music. 

Yes, this is print-centric propaganda - but I still love my books and this is super cute:

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This is...perfect. I have passed it on :) Trying to think how I can share it with my class.
How do you scale the McLuhan "the medium is the message" concept to the elementary level? That, to me, is the question. I love the, "I'll recharge it" line!
Did you hear this interview on NPR Digital Overload: Your Brains on Gadgets

The boys in my class would like their books to have all of the sound effects...

Preaching to the choir here, but we need to embrace the media--your McLuhan reference--as it IS shaping the medium. The students I have don't view it as the "mess age", and are very open to the message.

The "Me Read? No Way!" article that was reference earlier this week...I think it was this week!...has a lot of well-summarized material about the importance of using media to reach readers--especially those who do not view themselves as readers. I passed it on to my headmaster...fingers crossed!
Yeah, this is tricky water - I can't wait to check out that NPR interview. I put it on my iPhone playlist (the new NPR app is INCREDIBLE). I just like to keep my fav. David Buckingham quote in mind:

Despite the fact that children’s brains have not adapted sufficiently over thousands of years to enable all of them to read and write, it appears that, within the space of one generation, technology has brought about fundamental evolutionary changes that are making children unrecognizable even to even their own parents. Children apparently have been reprogramming their brains to accommodate the speed, interactivity and non-linear structures of computer games (Prensky, 2006 as cited in Buckingham) – and this has resulted in physical differences in the organizations of their brains.

- David Buckingham (2007, p. 105-106)
I know all the teachers that are being pushed to embrace technology are going to love this! Thanks for the sharing! Reminds me of the humor about the monks learning to read a book.
Thanks for the great monk video - I'm posting it in New Media & Tech right away! :) That's why I said the video is cute but a bit propaganda-ish - but all media have their positives :)
Thanks! I'm going to show this to my high school juniors and seniors when I introduce them to my (new last year) classroom library. Yes, despite what many think, some kids do still read books!
I am still into books. I have an iPad but holding it and reading literature just isn't the same. Maybe in a few years my view will change. I would though like to know how do early readers track their fingers across the digital book while reading without highlighting a bunch of text or turning on some dictionary app?
I suspect we'll have both traditional and ebooks for a long time still - but I think book stores will become book printers - Shapiro Library book machine prints books within minutes
that is just crazy. What a fantastic idea! I wonder if this will affect the price of textbooks at the school and others. And what will this do to printing factories in the long run?
Those are big questions!



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