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This is a great video that Jonathan Chase uploaded. I wish I had found this when I did wiki PDs.

Note: sometimes on Safari the video doesn't come up until I refresh the page - dunno why, but it is just a tip should your screen be blank.

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There is a whole series of "in Plain English" videos related to web 2.0 applications. Additional info at
Thanks Mary!

I just showed this to a group of teachers today, during a professional development workshop on wikis, and they really responded favorably to it. In fact, they talked about possibly using this type of how to animation as an expository writing assignment for English students.
MT - very cool - I think this is one of the best illustrations of the concept behind wikis ever! iMovie is great for animation! There is also a series of of animations created by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) - see this one about public ed by Sir Kenny R.
Really, fascinating! Thanks for sharing.



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