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Last week we had our first "official" crowd sourced question - What popular music would you use explore Black History Month? 

Our 1,500+ crew responded like crazy leaving Lindsay with MC POP POWER FEEDBACK! 

We also had a great mini-crowdsource question for the 100+ people in the Teach with Moving Images group.  Check out the impressive feedback on Melissa's QUESTION: Films for middle schoolers? post.

I'm rolling with this new crowdsource Monday tradition by asking a question today that I think everyone will find interesting (drum roll).

What resource have you found at MC Pop that has been useful to you?  How did you use this resource and why was it a success?

So that other people can enjoy your ideas and suggestions, please give us a link (hyperlink or paste the url) to the resource at MC POP that made a difference for you.

This is a cool way to highlight content for others as there is a lot of resource at the site these days!   When you share you'll help make other folks curriculum pop!   

Please share your best discoveries below!

Click here to find out how to best post your question for crowdsource Monday consideration!

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I have already used the short film MORE in my classroom and I am planning on using it again as we move through different skills (symbolism, theme, etc.)

I am going to use the SNL skit from OF Mice and Men at the end of my unit (in three weeks!) Students will be learning about intertextuality and apply their new knowledge towards a reading of the skit. They are then going to bring in their own examples of intertextuality (think: a viewing of a Family Guy/Simpsons sketch or a reference in an article from Alternative Press magazine that references a punk rock band from the 80's when describing an up-and-coming band's newest album).

Oh - and I couldn't forget myever-growing list of great films for middle schoolers. I can't wait to get started on their own separate film club. Thanks y'all!
Oh, so much inspiration here! I'm very interested in the use of film and literature in social studies and teacher work groups so found the following resources particurlarly useful:

Google Lit trips:

The NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Moving Image:

The Continuum of Teacher Development mentioned in

Student Projects and Reflections from Teach, Think, Play 2009
Melissa & Patrina! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. It is really exciting to learn what folks are getting out of the community. Thank you both for constantly participating and making this a richer and more exciting place!

Jeff Osborn also answered this question but he did it in a blog. He decided to work with the University of Michigan Interactive Communications & Simulations that I talked about this fall. Interesting to add his voice to the mix!

Y'all are awesome!




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