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Students are required to read four books over the summer--two fiction and two non-fiction as part of our magnet school requirements.  I am in the process of creating the rubrics to allow them choices of book projects.  Our teachers agreed to receive electronically any completed projects over the summer! Whoo hoo!   Saves a lot of grading for the first six weeks of school when things get really hectic. 

Do others of you require summer reading?  Anyone have any project rubrics to share?  I know I can zip some together on rubistar, but just wondering....

Thanks! And happy reading over the summer!  What's on your list???

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Hi Shawn - have you checked out this post lately? No rubrics but lots of related thoughts.
Hi Shawn,

I attached a rubric I used for open choice novel assignments. It's pretty open-ended and can be used with a variety of projects. The main point of giving open choice reading books and projects (in my opinion) was to evaluate if the reader thought about the book on a higher level and whether or not they could synthesize their thoughts and opinions about the book into an impactful project.

I taught 8th grade, so this rubrics is geared toward that, but are very adjustable, although somewhat subjective due to the using of one rubric for multiple projects.
Thank you! I really like the open ended nature of this rubric. I organized a weeklong (9-12) Summer Reading Academy for our magnet students. The purpose is to introduce them to some of their tech options for book projects. It has been great fun! For the projects and rubrics I included, see

At the end of the featured post are all of the rubrics. Each day groups of students move from a featured project to another the next day from within a team of five teachers. The fifth teacher is actually the librarian and she is teaching students about summarizing, documenting sources, and how to avoid plagiarism. Before our groups revolve each day, I conduct a team building activity in the cafeteria since our magnet kids are coming in from all parts of the city and don't know each other. It's been a lot of fun!! I'm glad we're doing it because magnet students are required to read four books over the summer--two fiction and two non-fiction and to have projects done on or before the first day of school. With our new tech offerings, they may send theirs off to their teacher at any time they complete it....We're trying to make sure they get them done! Thanks for your great addition !
Downers Grove South requires a summer reading and project. Check to look at the required list for the book list.



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