Making Curriculum Pop

I know this is more of a pre-K cartoon, but I'm sure it will make many folks laugh in your staff lounge.

From the 9.28.09 New Yorker.

Funny, but a sad reminder of the eerie parallels between school and prison. For a full discussion of the story of how school and prison design evolved together check out Focualt's mind bending study Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison.

From here.

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So peculiar to an educational system that emphasizes numbers and scores and penalties as the highest aggregate expression of all its parts... (I'm speaking from within the U.S. educational system.)

I know that in other cultures, school is seen as a gift and an opportunity to be cherished and worked for. So how do we cultivate THAT attitude with our students? How do we turn the prison mentality & the onerous task of meaningless labor into an opportunity to grow, and an invitation to work hard on meaningful projects?
Yeah, we really need to hire a new PR person for education in the US, eh?



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