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So this web site seems geared to the 1st - 6th Grade range (and remember I'm not an elementary pro). They are a cute series of interactive activities for kids. There are three choices.
Story Time - the weakest link of the three - although it is cool if you want kids to read with cool music.
Match Up - Is pretty fun for I would imagine lower elementary students. You get to match shapes in a painting.
Play With Art - does not have one clear target age as the Cornell Box Activity looks to be for the older set, while the very fun portrait activity is for the younger ones. Either way, I thought they were fun to play with.

Check the site out here.

If someone goes to the site and wants to give more assessments of their applications (in terms of age leve) that would be cool.

Please share thoughts below!


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Story Time might be nice for stations/centers for high second graders or third graders. They could read the stories with the animations, then answer some Q's about them or give a summary. They could also look up the artists represented or the stories for more information. Might be a nice anchor activity for a gifted student(s).

Match Up is a nice challenge!
Texture: could work for 2nd or 3rd to teach how artists create texture just by using paint.
Shapes: Would be great to teach the use of shapes in art for 4th-6th.
Sound: This is pretty hard and requires critical thinking; probably 4th-6th again.

Play with Art -
Mask maker: I know a lot of art teachers do African masks, so the mask maker would work well as an add-on to those lessons (3rd and up maybe)
Cornell boxes: I ADORE these whenever I see them at museums!!! He does such amazing work. This activity teaches elements of design, shape, color, etc. Even high schoolers could do this one and explore what makes an effective shadow box with these elements.
Portraits: The functionality of this one wasn't super easy; if you mess up, it takes awhile before your "wrong" face goes back to the gallery and you get to choose again. For that reason, I'd say 3rd and up. The little informational pieces you get once you correctly put a face into the picture could be a great spin-off for a lesson with much older students.
Kelly, thanks for breaking it down!! BTW - I still have to redo the Paris Clip - it takes a while. RRG:)



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