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Great lesson plan from the New York Times Learning Network! Bonus points as it is co-written by an MC POP person!

Picture This! Building Photo-Based Writing Skills

Photo: Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

Overview - How can you use the Learning Network feature 6 Q’s About the News to build writing, language and news literacy skills? In this lesson, students use photographs to practice writing, vocabulary and skimming skills to develop literacy and/or prepare for standardized tests.

Materials - An interesting photograph, one per small group, mounted on a large sheet of paper, computers with Internet access, paper, pens/pencils, classroom board

Full lesson can be found here.

For those of you interested in using photos to build literacy skills I would also HIGHLY recommend checking out this book for some pretty sophisticated "reading text" ideas. The book was designed for high school high school AP Language and Comp teachers as that exam now has a visual literacy element.

While some of the ideas might be too advanced, you will certainly be able to adapt a lot of the ideas. The book can be found at Amazon and Norton has a page for the book with additional details/samples.

Visual Literacy: 2009 Photos of the Year
NEW BOOK: Sports Illustrated Slide Show: How the Picture Tells Its ...
Visual Literacy in the English Classroom
ARTICLE: Looking at the truth of a photo

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Thanks for sharing this, it looks like a great idea and one I am going to use when school starts back here in February.
My pleasure. In fact, if you have a hot minute you should drop a line to the author - Katherine Schulten - I'm sure she'd love to hear that you enjoied her work :)

Happy Weekend!




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