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I am editor of a little zine called Literacy Lava. It's a free pdf for parents, teachers and all who love literacy. We have just put out the fifth edition, which is available at my website. Articles include "ideas for helping kids develop spelling skills, ways to pair fiction and non-fiction read-alouds, ideas for letter writing with your kids, whether graphic novels are real reading, how to unwrap a picture book, tips for a loving bed-time story ritual, how to help your video-loving kid to love reading too, and all about encouraging kids to write poetry."

I hope there are some ideas in it you can put to good use in your family and classroom. 

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Thank you for this great site. I am so excited when I find new sources of information to make learning to read, write etc. richer for my students and easier for my parents. I plan on visiting here often.
It's lovely to know the tips and ideas are being passed on to parents, Donna. Thank you!



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