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Zimmer Twins is a child-friendly site where kids can create a movie and practise their literacy skills at the same time. I described it on my Book Chook blog.

Here's an excerpt from my post: It's a nice simple interface. The beginning video explains the process well. I think the easiest way for a child to begin after that would be to choose a little movie starter. This is just like a writing prompt, a way into a story to get kids going. Then they can build the rest of the story, using four tabs: text in speech bubbles, snippets of character movement, emotion and special effects. Once you click an option (from the four tabs), it appears in your timeline, and on your editing screen, where you can add text to it.

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Hey Susan, FYI the second link goes to Zimmer twins also - consider editing the post adding an excerpt from you blog so folks can get a taste of what you're writing - entice them to visit .....

Thanks again for sharing this resource!

Serves me right for multitasking! Thanks for pointing that out, Ryan. I learn something every day on MCPop.
Me too! Thanks for adding some content!
Thanks Susan and I have bookmarked your blog!! Sounds really interesting.
Thanks, Kathryn - writing about kids' literature and literacy interests me. In fact, friends complain it is more like an obsession!
Hey! I'm just now getting a chance to look at the Zimmer Twins site. Do kids HAVE to log in in order to create movies, and do they have to have e-mails?
Kelly, you'd need to check it yourself, but my understanding is that they can make movies without registering. It's just if they want to save them that you need to be registered.



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