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(I am reposting this as a discussion rather than a comment)...

With Black History Month around the corner, I thought I would share a blog post from Scott Woods that provides a list of books with African American characters. What he did intentionally when creating the list (and what I like about it) is he avoids what he calls "boycotts, buses, and baseball" themes. This list has books that portray its characters in a wide variety of contexts that reflect modern life. I am always looking for a list like this to provide my students with ways to connect to stories. I can't vouch for all the books on the list, but I can say I loved "Yo! Yes?", "Tar Beach", and "Come, on Rain!" I look forward to reading the others!
Here is the link:

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Great post!  thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Yes - thank you SOOOOO much for posting as discussion - way better! Gr8 share. Pls continue :)



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