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Hello! I am a teacher and also currently a graduate student. I am in the midst of writing a manuscript about popular culture inclusion in the classroom. I have the literature review portion completed, but am always looking for ideas and first-hand success stories as I piece together the application section. If anyone has any ideas, success stories, resources or references to point me towards that would be wonderful and super appreciated. A really, really amazing professor of mine alerted me to this community of educators and I am really excited to have just joined your ranks!!! Thanks one and all!!!!

PS- I am particularly interested in elementary examples. However; I definitely am not opposed to incorporating other examples into my paper if I come across some great ones in my research (secondary ed, ELL, adult ed, etc...). Thanks Again!!!!

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Hi Rachel, I'm going to share this in this week's crowdsource but to be clear you're looking for Elementary K-5 examples?  You might just edit that in the text above so when it is broadcast people know what grades you are looking for! Sounds like exciting research!  Hopefully we'll get some groovy responses! 


Yes, Ryan- I am more geared towards elementary examples. However; I am not opposed to adding some other examples to my paper if I come across them. Thanks so much Ryan, for all that you do for this community!!!

Your research sounds really intriguing! I hope you can get some answers. I haven't started teaching yet (next fall) but hope to have some success stories in the future. What grade do you teach?

Thanks Greg! I have been teaching 4th grade. I love it! Super challenging of course, but also incredibly rewarding. Good luck with everything!

One thing I've instituted this year has worked really well and could fit into this category. In past years, I've always used VoiceThread to have the kids share "The Book of the Week." They sign up in advance, then when it's their week, they come to the front of the class and share a brief booktalk and why they enjoyed their book. Then other students have a wealth of book reviews to choose from each time they're checking out books, since our library catalog links directly to the VoiceThread pages. Well, I always liked this and thought it was fun, but this year I changed it up a bit and have gotten even a greater response. I now call it "Thing of the Week," and kids can talk about whatever in the world they want. We still use VoiceThread, and they still sign up in advance, and I find an image that represents whatever they're talking about to put on the Thread. We've had tons of video games talked up, apps, vacation spots, family events, books, products, you name it. One kid is talking about a conference she attended, and another kid talked about meeting a celebrity! It's been a lot of fun to see the variety of things they share about, and I think opening it up to more than just books has made a lot more kids feel included and welcomed to participate than in the past.

Wow! Thanks Kelly! I did not know about Voice Thread.- Thanks again for the heads up, and for sharing your success story. I truly appreciate it.

Also, what grade do you teach Kelly? I would love to include that in my research. THANKS so much again!!!

Hey!! I'm a K-6 library media specialist.

Yes, Ryan- I am more geared towards elementary examples. However; I am not opposed to adding some other examples to my paper if I come across them. Thanks so much!!!



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