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Looking for activities to teach the moral piece of fables, write fables, etc.  I want to go beyond basic picture books and would love to incorporate more hands-on activities and multimedia texts.  Any ideas or resources would be greatly appreciated.





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Hi Kathy, 


Two posts on "Storybird" here and here to get you started!  Ryan:)

Thanks Ryan!

Every year w/ 2nd grade I do a storytelling unit w/ fables. This isn't a full-class thing but a small reading group thing. (I'm a library teacher who gets high level readers in small groups a few times a week from various grade levels.) This unit is one of my favorites because it really teaches so much more than just the fable itself; it teaches presentation skills, the value of practice, storyboarding, putting things in your own words, you name it. After the kids have learned their stories (after several weeks of practice), they present them to their classes, which is always a big event. If you'd like to hear more about this unit, feel free to let me know and I'll share!  :)

Thanks Kelly!

 Kelly, sounds great.  Would love to get more specific info as to what you do.  Does each child pick one story and then choose how to share it??

Sorry to make you wait so long, Jane! Somehow I missed your question. Each child picks one fable (they're usually less than one page--we keep it short since it's their first experience w/ storytelling). Then we go through a process that takes approx. 6-7 weeks, starting w/ reading 5 fables and choosing their favorite, then moving to storyboarding the beginning/middle/end, then moving into practice mode! The unit culminates in the kids telling their stories w/ no paper or helps in front of their classmates. It's a lot of fun and a great experience for them.  :)
Do you know the Scholastic Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales site, in particular the Myth Brainstorming Machine? The latter allows kids to generate a story of their own, which is very cool. But there are also excellent articles for young writers by Jane Yolen, Sciezka etc.



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