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I think this is VERY cool! Over at PBSKids, there's a calendar that gives parents ideas for literacy activities they can do with their kids on each day of the year. 

There are lots of suggestions for activities and discussions, language enrichment and ideas that will develop literacy skills. It's a calendar format with an online or printable version. Here's an example:

May 29 Pickle Week: It’s Pickle Week! To celebrate, find a pickle recipe either online or in a cookbook to make with your child. Make the grocery list together and have your child pick out as many as the ingredients as possible. At home, be sure to read the instructions together.

I think this would be useful to teachers too, especially preschool or playgroup teachers. I can imagine it would make a nice short tip to add to a class or school newsletter, or something to use as a prompt when developing further activities. And if your library has a screen you use with scrolling pics and ideas, it might be good there too. I plan to check it out often and drive my readers crazy by telling them what day it is! (Coming soon, Cow Appreciation Day!)

The PBSKids site is truly wonderful, and the calendar is only a tiny fraction of its splendour.

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I love this reading calendar of ideas. I hope to share this with my parents in the fall. Thank you!
Thanks for the feedback Donna! My ambition is to make my own literacy calendar for 2011. Guess I'd better start on it soon!
I can't wait to share this with my primary team when we are back in session in the fall.
I hope you and all the other US teachers enjoy your well-deserved break, Beth!



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