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I highlighted this on yesterday's broadcast e-mail but it seems to me that this could be an INCREDIBLE tool to help students create their own picture books in any subject!!!

Here's a video about the site:

Storybird Quick Tour from Storybird on Vimeo.

Storybird can be found at

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NOTE: I posted this in multiple groups - in the New Tech group Susan Stephenson, the Book Chook posted the following helpful addendum to this post....

I've made a couple of books there. The thing to point out to kids is to check out the range of illustrations first, BEFORE they begin their story. For instance, if you start with story first, you might have a whole page of text about the cat hiding, but no pictures available. There's a knack to it. But the illustrations are so wonderful, it is definitely worth persevering. The online editor itself is fairly intuitive and works well.
I can't get the tour to load so I can get the gist of this site. Is it a Mac problem? (I'm at school, where we're Mac only.) I tried both Firefox and Safari since some sites don't play nicely w/ Firefox, but still no dice! I click on "tour" and get a blank page.
Oh, you might need to download vimeo?
I think this would be a great tool to use with many of my students. I work with numerous students who may benefit from either telling their story in a way different than just talking, or who might be able to use this process to talk about incidents they have been involved in. Also, they could use it to plan for future events - problem-solving different responses/consequences to their choices. I'd have to look at it from work to see if it can be downloaded to my school network, and how much time it would take for students to complete a story.
Tulin - thanks for joining the discussion - if you like this your students might also like telling their story in comic form

Check out:

Comic Life • Kerpoof • Comicssketch • Comics Lab • PikiStrips • Toondoo • Bubblr • Comiqs • My Comic Book Creator • BitStrips • ReadWriteThink's Comic Creator • Make Beliefs Comix •

All these have hyperlinks in the Graphic Novels and Comics group...



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