Making Curriculum Pop Launches Free E-Book for Family Literacy;

Laptop Letters Helps Parents Write Important Letters to Their Children has launched its first free digital book to encourage family literacy and writing by English Language Learners through writing important letters to children.   You can read the book online at:

Laptop Letters:  Sending Wise & Loving Messages to Young People in Your Life, is written by Bill Zimmerman, creator of MakeBeliefsComix, the free online comic strip generator used in literacy programs worldwide to improve writing and reading.

Teachers can use the Laptop Letters e-book for classroom exercises to encourage older students to write loving notes and messages to the children in their lives and to pass on important life lessons they want to share.  With help from the book’s dozens of writing prompts, students can use computers, mobile phones or note pads to write messages of love and wisdom to their youngsters. The book also features sample letters and notes to inspire writers.

Students can even practice writing the first draft of their letters in the form of comic strips created at

The process of writing letters fosters family literacy in two ways: it allows adult learners to express their important thoughts and knowledge to their children, and it motivates youngsters who receive these personal letters to read and improve their own literacy skills.   Writing such loving, encouraging laptop letters also enables parents to forge closer emotional bonds with children and to hand down their family legacy.

Laptop Letters is the first in a series of free interactive e-books for family literacy programs planned by  The comic-making site was selected by Google and UNESCO as among the world’s most innovative web sites to encourage literacy and reading. The American Library Association named MakeBeliefsComix a Great Web Site for Kids.



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