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DATA VISUALIZATION: The mathematically proven winning strategy for 14 of the most popular games

 May 8, 2015  

From Risk to tic-tac-toe, popular games involve tons of strategic decisions, probability and math. So one happy consequence of being a data nerd is that you may have an advantage at something even non-data nerds understand: winning.

So how do you win (almost) every game in existence, do you ask? Here are 20 data visualizations that offer lots of insight into the most popular games in America, including chess, Connect Four, Monopoly, Pac-Man, "Wheel of Fortune" and much more.

Battleship | Chess 1 | Chess 2 | Chess 3 | A coin toss | Connect Four | Diplomacy | "Jeopardy!" | Monopoly 1 | Monopoly 2 | Monopoly 3 | Monopoly 4 | Pac-Man | "The Price is Right" | Rock-paper-scissors | ScrabbleTexas hold ’em | Tic-tac-toe | Winning in Vegas

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Oops, I didn't but the hyper text in. Now it is there! Enjoy (and keep winning!)



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