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Hi all, 


Thought I'd forward this well-argued paper on using comics in classes by Brian Kelley. Maybe someone will find it useful or have others they want to send it on to. 


From Brian: 

"...A position paper I wrote for the New Jersey Reading Association (state affiliate with the International Reading Association) and the IRA SIG on Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Graphic Novels.  It's intended to help teachers/administrators interested in exploring gns for class use to better argue their inclusion."





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I only get the cover when I try to open it.

hm, I don't know why. I'll try reuploading. 



problem solved when I opened it in a different browser...thanks!!
Interesting!  I'll be sure to add it to my resource list.

Thanks for sharing this Jessica - i'm teaching a course for teaching comics at Columbia currently, and this will be a great resource for my students (and me). (We'll also be using your and Matt's book as well -thanks!)




Glad it's helpful.


Your course sounds great! Columbia U here in NYC? Let me know if I can help out. 

This is a great resource!  Thanks so much!


I'd try stuff like some of the simpler adventure manga--like maybe Dragonball, or Sonic the Hedgehog. They're very long series (so there's lots to read if he gets into it), but you can also read just one, easy 20-pg story and get a satisfying chunk. Also, early Tezuka stuff would be great: Astro Boy, Black Jack. Superheroes (old ones) also good. The newer books are too complex, and have too much backstory, but if you get a collection of classic 1970s/1980s X-Men, for example, that should appeal. It's basically about being an outcast teen, and I'm sure he'd dig that. 


Good luck. (and I should clarify that it's not my paper--just one that was sent to me by the author). 

Very helpful. Thanks, Jessica. I can share this in my Curriculum Development class. I was at your session at Comic Con - "The Future of Comics in the Classroom" and thought the information you presented was very helpful too. It was so much more crowded than it used to be. There must be more people using comics & graphic novels in the classroom or are interested in it.

I think that's absolutely true. There are more every year. Glad you enjoyed it! 





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