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Great blurb from Frank Baker, who must have awesome RSS feeds for Canadian news! Seems like a wonderful piece for classroom discussion around culture, gender, health, photography/art, and advertising:

French propose warning labels for Photoshopped models
Tue, September 22, 2009
Campaign against eating disorders prompts need for new warning labels, suggests politicians


Tired of not knowing which celebrity photos are Photoshopped and which ones aren't? The French may come to your rescue.

French politicians are currently mulling over a "health warning" on photos of models who have been digitally altered to look more appealing as part of a nationwide campaign against eating disorders, according to

French parliamentarian Valerie Boyer of President Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP party and 50 other politicians have banded to propose a new law to counterattack warped images of women in magazines and other media.

"These images can make people believe in a reality that often does not exist," Boyer said, according to

And if magazines or other media want to flaunt this law? Oh, they'll pay dearly. The proposed fine would be 37,500 euros (US$54,930) or up to 50% of the cost of the advertisement.

From the London Free Press:

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