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Kind of a funny one from Lampham's Quarterly ....

POSTSEASON BASEBALL BEGINS THIS WEEK, and soon, one victorious team will hoist the World Series trophy into the air. Will any of the players have extra help hitting home runs and nailing fastballs? During one 1970 game, legendary pitcher DOCK ELLIS eschewed steroids in favor of an alternative performance-enhancing drug.

1970 | San Diego

Performance Enhancement

We flew into San Diego, and I asked the manager, Could I go home, because we had an off day. So he said, “Yeah.” So I took some LSD at the airport, because I knew where it would hit me—I’d be in my own, my little area, and I’d know where to go. So that’s how I got to my friend’s girlfriend’s house.

She said, “What’s wrong with you?” I said, “I’m high as a Georgia pine.”

The next day—what I thought was the next day—she told me, “You better get up, you gotta go pitch!” I said, “Pitch? What are you talking about, I pitch tomorrow, hell, what’re you talkin’ about.” Because I had got up in the middle of the morning and took some more acid.

She grabbed the paper, brought me the sports page and showed me—boom! I said, “Oh, wow! What happened to yesterday?” She said, “I don’t know, but you better get to that airport.”
This is from there theme issue on Intoxication.

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